SecuriTEA Podcast

The SecuriTEA Podcast

A podcast that revolves around cybersecurity. We talk about the latest news, hacks, conventions, and more!

The main host of the show is Logan Rickert with the vice-host being Clayton Horstman.

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You can contact us at hello(at)!

The SecuriTEA Podcast - Episode 0x2 - The Perfect Gift For Jon Z

Welcome to the SecuriTEA podcast, episode 2! This episode was recorded about 9 months ago and I only just now got around to editing it. The reason it took so long is because this wasn't really the greatest of podcasts, at all lol. We only had 2 mics so Jon and Clayton tried sharing mics and my mic didn't have a pop filter, and to top it off, there were people playing CS:GO in the background. Oh well. Hopefully future episodes will have all these issues fixed.

SecuriTEA 0x1 - Hacking Pay Phones With Cereal

Welcome to the SecuriTEA podcast, episode 1! This podcast was more of a test podcast to see how well things would go. About half of this podcast is about DefCon and a 100-year-old technology called dial-up and the other is talking about current security news!